Bridging the Difference

Gap lending at the Initiative Foundation is a partnership between the borrower, a lead lender and our lending team. Gap loans “fill the gap” between what a bank can provide and what the borrower needs to remain solvent on a business-investment project.

By providing access to market-rate capital and support to borrowers who may face barriers or limits to traditional financing, CDFIs like the Initiative Foundation help to create opportunities for economic growth, empowerment and job-creation in the areas they serve.

Supporting You While Making a Difference

The Foundation focuses its lending resources on local investments that diversify the Central Minnesota economy by …

  • Creating and retaining quality, living-wage jobs with benefits
  • Contributing to a strong and diversified mix of regional employers
  • Aligning with local economic development objectives
  • Taking a higher risk position while matching market interest rates.


Business owners and financial institutions: Reach out to a member of our lending team today to discuss how we can partner to push your project across the finish line.