Community & Workforce Development

Helping Your Hometown Prosper & Grow

Supported by grants and special programs, the Initiative Foundation puts its resources to work for your community. Our strong donor-driven support and public-private partnerships help to sustain and grow local businesses, provide a skilled workforce, create quality jobs, support children and families, and provide an environment that helps attract and retain quality jobs and workers.

Community-enriching Grants

The Initiative Foundation award grants across the 14 counties and two Native nations of Central Minnesota. Grants are provided for projects and programs that advance our mission to empower people across Central Minnesota to build a thriving economy, vibrant communities, and a lasting culture of generosity.

Helping Hometowns Attract, Retain Talent

There’s a richness to the quality of life in Central Minnesota that is the envy of other regions. We enjoy a lower cost of living, closer-knit communities, access to nature, and a slower pace of life. The Initiative Foundation’s community and workforce development initiatives are working in the background to elevate our way of life by investing in career and jobs programs, fortifying access to quality, affordable childcare, and by helping local business owners grow and diversify the economy.

Your Community Connectors

Contact a member of our staff to brainstorm ideas and tap into a vast network of possibilities for your community.